Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun appears in all three Fallout games.

[edit] Winchester City-Killer Combat Shotgun

City-Killer Combat Shotgun
Maximum Damage 15-25
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type 12 Gauge
Ammo Capacity 12
Weight 10
Value $2750

The City-Killer Combat Shotgun is a weapon in Fallout and Fallout 2. It has three attack modes, and can be bought from caravan merchants. In Fallout 2, you can find two of these on dead Brotherhood of Steel initiates.

It is much weaker than the Fallout 3 Variant. There is also an, less advanced version of the Combat Shotgun,, the 12 Gauge Shotgun.

[edit] Unnamed Fallout 3 Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun.png
Maximum Damage 55
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type Shotgun Shell
Ammo Capacity 12
Weight 7

The Combat Shotgun is a Small Guns weapon in Fallout 3. It can be an extremely dangerous weapon at close range and with an ammo capacity of 12 shots per magazine, it's much more useful than the Sawed-Off Shotgun. The main problem with Combat Shotguns is that their condition lowers at a much faster rate than most weapons.

This Shotgun is one of the more common weapons in the game, it can often be found on Raiders, Talon Company Mercs and Regulators. They're also used as part of traps in the Metro Tunnels, when these traps are disabled a Combat Shotgun is added to your inventory.

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