Cliffside Cavern

Cliffside Cavern
Cliffside Cavern.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader n/a
Main Locals Raiders
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

The Cliffside Cavern is a location within the Capital Wasteland. The area is full of Raiders and serves as an outpost/base for their faction. The player can find the entrance to the Cliffside Cavern by heading east of Andale. The door to the entrance is found within the base of the rock, making it a somehwat difficult place to find.

The player will encounter numerous Raiders as you travel deeper into the Cavern. They are armed with a range of weapons including R91 Assault Rifles, 10mm Pistols, Combat Shotguns and the occasional Missile Launcher.

As the player finds their way through the cave network, you will encounter a few mines laid out near the entrance of a doorway. Proceeding through the door will lead to the player entering the Yao Guai Cave, which, obviously, is full of Yao Guai.

[edit] Loot

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