Chryslus Motors

Chryslus Motors
Industry: Automotive
Product(s): Cars such as the Corvega
Location(s): HQ: Chryslus Building
Other: Corvega Factory

Chryslus Motors was a pre-war company that appears briefly in the trailer for Fallout and in Fallout 3. Chryrslus specializes in making and selling automotive parts and cars.

Most cars in the fallout series ran on nuclear energy, (the main reason why the cars explode so easily when you shoot them, and the radiation) but Chryslus managed to market a car that ran on rechargeable batteries.

The Corvega Factory in Fallout 3 was originally run by Chryslus. Corvega is a pre-war car and branch of Chryslus Motors.

The Chryslus Building is their headquarters.

[edit] Notes

  • Chryslus is a reference to the real American car maker Chrysler.
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