Chosen One

The Chosen One is the direct descendant or grandchild of the Vault Dweller, and the player-character in Fallout 2. Like the previous protagonist the Chosen One's facial structure and features can be customized and tweaked.

[edit] Events in Fallout 2

In Fallout 2 the Chosen One was born in Arroyo, a small town and tribe broken off of the original Vault 13 inhabitants that followed the Vault Dweller after the events of Fallout. The Vault Dweller and his wife or husband Pat were the first leaders of the tribe, and their daughter eventually became the Village Elder, and the Chosen Ones mother. She is the one that assigns the Chosen One the quest of finding the GECK to make the dying town and the Wasteland habitable.

On the course of the adventure the Chosen One manages to stop the plans of the Enclave, a post-American shadow government, and make a huge impact on the Core Region and the surrounding areas. Towards the end of the game he/she finds New Arroyo, and reunites the remaining captured Vault 13 inhabitants and the tribals. ,

[edit] Notes

  • Some people believe the Lone Wanderer (player-character of Fallout 3) is related to the Chosen One, but it has been disputed and confirmed that he isn't.
  • Dogmeat, a recruitable companion, can be found again if the Chosen One shows him his Vault 13 Jumpsuit. It is assumed that the Vault Dweller recruited him in Fallout, and the dog remembers his previous owner.
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