Chinese Remnant

Chinese Remnant
Chinese Remnant Sergeant.jpg
Race Ghoul
Affiliation n/a
Location Mama Dolce's
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Apparel:


The Chinese Remnants are a group of Chinese Soldiers in Fallout 3 who took cover in Mama Dolce's Food Processing Plant when the bombs hit in 2077. They survived the blast, but they were transformed into Ghouls and have remained inside the Processing Plant for over 200 years.

Upon killing a Chinese Remnant you often find loot such as a Chinese Assault Rifle, a Chinese Pistol, a Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit or a Chinese Officer's Sword. There are two exceptions, however. One Chinese Remnant holds a Sniper Rifle, and another Remnant holds a Missile Launcher.

[edit] Variants

There are Six different types of Chinese Remnant:

  • Chinese Remnant Spy
  • Chinese Remnant Sergeant
  • Chinese Remnant Captian
  • Chinese Remnant Officer
  • Chinese Remnant Soldier
  • And the Unique Dead Chinese Commando found in a random encounter.
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