Chinese Commando Hat

Chinese Commando Hat
Chinese Commando Hat.png
Damage Resistance 1
Weight 1
Cost 5 Caps
Effects: +1 Perception

The Chinese Commando Hat is a piece of headgear worn by Chinese Remnants in Fallout 3. It gives +1 Perception (+ 5 Small Guns if worn with the Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit). It is quite rare and cannot be found on Chinese Remnants in Mama Dolce's. There are a limited number of hats in the game.

[edit] Locations

You can find them at these locations:

  • There is a unique Chinese Commando Hat, the Hat of the People, that can be found in a building near Haven if The Pitt DLC is installed. It's on the second floor of the Abandoned Apartments, (down left facing Haven), on a safe beside a bed, under a night table.
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