Chimera Tank

Chimera Tank
Race Robot
Affiliation n/a
Location Operation: Anchorage
Appearances Fallout 3

The Chimera Tank is a robot used by the Chinese during the Operation: Anchorage DLC. The Chimera Tank is actually a mining rig that has been equipped with a laser cannon. They are on par with Sentry Bots in terms of damage and health. However, since they are a larger target, they are easier to take down. The player can easily dispatch the Chimera Tanks by heading around to the rear and attacking it. Since the Chimera Tanks cannot turn the turret that holds the laser cannon, they must turn their entire hull to attack you.

The player will encounter either one or two Chimera Tanks when attacking the Chimera Fuel Depot. You will have an easier time if you have any Explosives weaponry, such as a Missile Launcher. Since the Chimera Tanks are classed as Robots, you can disable them with the Robotics Expert Perk.

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