Race Human
Affiliation Caesar's Legion
Location The Fort
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Drops Caesar's Armor
Displacer Glove
Platinum Chip

Caesar is a character set to appear in Fallout: New Vegas. He is the cunning and brutal leader of a slaving company, Caesar's Legion.

He is an ex 'Follower of the Apocalypse' (a religion in the previous Fallout games) and has great leadership skills.

According to the canceled Fallout project Van Buren, Caesar tried to push the NCR out of the west, but failed terribly. His slaving company's guns and gear could not compete with the New California Republics high-tech weaponry. Although, Caesar did manage to drive the NCR out of the Hoover Dam.

[edit] Notes

  • Caesar's name came from the Roman Leader Caesar. Apparently Caesar admired Ancient Rome and based his faction off of it.
  • The Hoover Dam may still be under the factions control in New Vegas.

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