CZ57 Avenger

CZ57 Avenger
Maximum Damage 12 (495DPS)
Damage Type
Ammo Type 5mm
Ammo Capacity 120
Weight 18.00
Strength Req 10
Repaired by Minigun

The CZ57 Avenger is a weapon found in Fallout: New Vegas.

The CZ57 Avenger is a unique Minigun found in Fallout: New Vegas. It can be found in an isolated radioactive crater called The Devil's Throat, far to the North East of the map to the right of Ranger Station Bravo and Camp Guardian. The weapon can be found in the back of a mired military transport in the pit.

The CZ57 Avenger is a supremely high DPS weapon, capable of over 495DPS (12 damage per hit) with a high Guns skill character. It uses 5mm ammo.

Compared to the regular Minigun it has half the ammo capacity, but up to 200 higher DPS at a lighter weight (18 weight vs 25 for a minigun).

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