Butch DeLoria

Butch DeLoria
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Vault 101
Rivet City
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Butch DeLoria is a potential Follower in Fallout 3. At the beginning of the game he is a resident of Vault 101. He is a member of the Vault's troublesome gang the "Tunnel Snakes". After the Trouble on the Homefront side quest, he leaves the Vault and can be found in the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City.

[edit] Growing Up Fast

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[edit] Future Imperfect

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[edit] Escape!

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Butch has less health than most of the other Followers. He has a unique variant of the Switchblade, called Butch's Toothpick. Butch's other default weapon is a 10mm Pistol, however, he requires at least one 10mm Round to use it.

He is the only Follower with skills in Unarmed combat. However, he will only use Unarmed weapons if he has no Melee weapons. He isn't effective with Explosive weapons.

He is the weakest Follower, although he is still stronger than most NPC's.

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