Brotherhood of Steel Holotag

Brotherhood of Steel Holotag
Brotherhood of Steel Holotag.jpeg
Uses In the quest Collecting Holotags
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 0
Value 1

A Brotherhood of Steel Holotag is a tag that the east coast Brotherhood of Steel soldiers wear in Fallout 3. The tag has medical information (diseases, conditions, ect.) and is commonly used to confirm the death of a soldier, similar to the US Military in real life.

They can commonly be found on Brotherhood of Steel soldiers in the Capital Wasteland. Note that Outcasts do not have holotags.

[edit] Collecting Holotags

Main Article: Collecting Holotags

In this quest Scribe Jameson, located in the Citadel, asks the player to bring her any holotag he/she can collect. Your reward is 25 XP and 100 caps for each.

[edit] Notable Locations

Although a holotag can be found on any brotherhood of steel soldier's dead body, there are some places that should be visited for holotags:

  • The Citadel is very good place for holotags, almost every member there has one. Note that if you kill members of the Brotherhood of Steel (scribes, initiates, or soldiers) in a separate ring or section of the Citadel than Ring A, Scribe Jameson will not be alerted.
  • When you first arrive at the Arlington Library several Paladins will try to clear the building of threats. At least one will most likely die.
  • When you first arrive at Galaxy News Radio there will be a massive fight between Brotherhood of Steel members and Super Mutants. A lot of brotherhood members will fall in battle, especially because of the Super Mutant Behemoth. This is also a good location to get your first set of Power Armor.
  • If you have Broken Steel downloaded there will usually be a small war between Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave forces at the Jefferson Memorial.

[edit] Notes

  • The Brotherhood of Steel most likely have the holotag system because of their military roots.

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