Brotherhood Scribe Robe

Brotherhood Scribe Robe
Brotherhood Scribe Robe.png
Damage Resistance 2
Weight 2
Cost 6 Caps
Effects: n/a

The Brotherhood Scribe Robe is a type of clothing the player can find within Fallout 3. The Scribe Robe is worn by the Scribes of the Brotherhood of Steel. The player can find a large number of Scribes within the Citadel.

The only way to acquire the Scribe Robes is to either kill the Scribes wearing them or reverse-pickpocket better armor into their possession.

There is a unique variant of the Brotherhood Scribe Robe used by the Outcasts, called the Outcast Scribe Robe. The Outcast Scribe Robe is found only in the possession of Scribe Yearling.

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