Brotherhood Power Armor

Brotherhood Power Armor
Brotherhood Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 40
Weight 45
Cost 740 Caps
  • Strength +2
  • Agility -2
  • Radiation Resistance +10
  • The Brotherhood Power Armor is a variation of the T-45d Power Armor in Fallout 3, it's worn by all Brotherhood of Steel Paladins. In order to wear Power Armor you'll need to gain the Power Armor Training perk from Paladin Gunny at the Citadel or by completing the Operation: Anchorage simulation.

    You can find plenty of Brotherhood Power Armor during the Galaxy News Radio Quest. If you hide in the ruins of Early Dawn Elementary and let the Super Mutant Behemoth kill the surrounding Brotherhood members and then kill the behemoth and loot the Brotherhood corpses for the Power Armor. If you have a high Repair skill you should have enough sets to reach 100% condition.

    Wearing the Brotherhood Power Armor will increase Strength by +2 and decrease Agility by -2. It will also give you +10 Radiation Resistance. It can be repaired with any other Brotherhood armor as well as Outcast and Tribal Power Armor

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