Broken Steel

Project Purity up and running.

Broken Steel is the third downloadable content pack for Fallout 3. It was first released on May 5, 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PC, however it was re-released for the PC on May 7, 2009 due to error issues. Broken Steel will cost you 800 Microsoft Points if bought on the Xbox 360. Broken Steel was later released as the first DLC for the PS3 on September 24, 2009.


[edit] Plot

Broken Steel allows you to continue the main quest after Take it Back!, when you activate Project Purity both you and Sarah Lyons will knocked unconscious and you'll wake up 2 weeks later inside the Citadel clinic. Elder Lyons will explain that despite the success at Project Purity, the Enclave are still going strong and he asks you to aid him and the Brotherhood as they prepare to attack a secret Enclave base.

During the attack, the Brotherhood's most valuable weapon, Liberty Prime is destroyed by a orbital attack. Your next mission is to enter the secret base and find out more about what attacked Liberty Prime, but all you find is an encrypted code. While the Scribes at the Citadel try to figure out the code, your next mission is to head out to an power plant in Old Olney which was experimenting in Alien Technology before the war. Inside the power plant you'll find a load of Deathclaws and a Tesla Coil which you'll need in order for the Brotherhood to create an extremely powerful Energy Weapon known as the Tesla Cannon.

By the time you return to the Citadel, the scribes have tracked down the location of the orbital strike that destroyed Liberty Prime. The attack came from Adams Air Force Base which can be accessed via the secret Presidential Metro. Upon entering the base you'll find a huge Mobile Enclave Crawler, once your on the crawler, fight your way through hoards of Enclave Soldiers until you reach the Satellite Tower. Now your given the choice of setting an orbital strike on Adams Air Force Base or the Citadel.

If you decide to attack the Air Force Base you'll be picked up outside by Sarah Lyons and the rest of the Pride on a Vertibird. She'll drop you off at a nearby location so you can watch the Enlcave base go up in flames, then you're flown back to the Citadel where you'll be thanked and hailed by Elder Lyons and the Brotherhood.

If you decide to attack the Citadel, you'll still be picked up outside by Sarah Lyons, but whilst on board the Vertibird, you'll hear that the pilot has lost contact with the Citadel. Upon exiting the Vertibird you'll see the Brotherhood's main base up in flames. There are a few Paladins outside who survived the blast, they will accuse you of destroying their base and will turn hostile. After the Paladins and Lyon's Pride have been killed, head into the Citadel through the main doors to find that the Citadel Courtyard has been replaced by a gigantic hole in the ground. head down to the bottom of this hole to find the Citadel Armory.

[edit] Main Quest

Name Location(s) Given by Reward Achievement points Image
Death From Above Rockland Car Tunnel

Satellite Relay Station

Owyn Lyons 1200 XP 30 Death From Above.jpg
Shock Value Old Olney S. Wilson Building

Olney Powerworks

Paladin Tristan 1400 XP

Tesla Cannon

30 Shock Value.jpg
Who Dares Wins Presidential Metro

Adams Air Force Base

Paladin Tristan 1600 XP

Access to the Citadel Armory

30 Who Dares Wins.jpg

[edit] Side Quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Holy Water Jefferson Memorial

Holy Light Monastery

Scribe Bigsley 300 XP, 300 caps
Protecting the Water Way Jefferson Memorial

Rivet City
Wilhelm's Wharf

Scribe Bigsley 300 XP,

Gatling Laser

The Amazing Aqua Cura Museum of History

Jefferson Memorial
Museum Authority Building

Griffon 300 XP

[edit] Unmarked quests

Name Location(s) Given by Reward
Fatal Attraction Presidential Metro

La Maison Beauregard

Sorry, My Darling holotape All-Nighter Nightwear

Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor
Lag-Bolt's Shades

Fixing Liberty Prime Citadel Scribe Rothchild Each Camera = 100 caps and 25 XP

Each Sensor Module = 75 caps and 10 XP

Mutant Blood Samples Citadel Paladin Tristan 50 Caps and 10 XP for every blood sample

[edit] New Weapons

Callahan's Magnum 65 .44 Round 6 4
Heavy Incinerator 170 Flamer Fuel 24 15
Precision Gatling Laser 127 Electron Charge Pack 240 18
Rapid-Torch Flamer Flamer Fuel 60 15
Slo-Burn Flamer 119 Flamer Fuel 60 15
Tesla Cannon 120 Electron Charge Pack 1 8
Tri-Beam Laser Rifle 75 Microfusion Cell 24 9

[edit] New Armor

Name Damage


Weight Effects Value
All-Nighter Nightwear 1 1 +1 Charisma, +1 Endurance 200
Composite Recon Helmet 4 3 +1 Perception 40
Enclave Hellfire Armor 50 40 Fire Resistance +30

Strength +1
Radiation Resistance +15

Enclave Hellfire Helmet 10 4 Fire Resistance +5

Charisma -1
Radiation Resistance +5

Lag-Bolt's Shades 1 0 +3 Lockpick

+3 Sneak

Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor 38 30 +10 Action Points

+10 Big Guns

Police Hat 1 1 None 8
Wig 1 1 None 20

[edit] Notes

  • Whether or not you chose to infect Project Purity with the Modified FEV Virus will make no difference in the story, however attempting to drink the water with the virus will result in Strength -2 and Intelligence -1, repeatedly drinking the water will result in death.

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