Race Deformed Human
Affiliation Scrapper


Location Point Lookout
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Baseball Bat
Combat Knife
Lever-Action Rifle
Double-Barrel Shotgun

Brawlers are a type of Swampfolk found in Fallout 3's fourth DLC Pack; Point Lookout. They are a slightly deformed version of a human, likely due to a mix Radiation and inbreeding. Brawlers appear to be the most human-looking of the Swampfolk, only their faces appear to show signs of deformities.

A Brawler's health is on par with a Super Mutant Brute. They are the second weakest type of Swampfolk, only Scrappers are considered to be weaker. Brawlers can attack with both melee and long-ranged weapons, their most common weapons include Baseball Bats, Combat Knives, Lever-Action Rifles and Double-Barrel Shotguns.

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