Race Cow
Affiliation Caravan Merchants
Small Towns
Appearances Fallout
Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Drops Items:
  • Brahmin Steak

Brahmin are a form of mutated cow with two heads that appear in all three Fallout games. The majority of Brahmin are non-hostile and are often used as farm yard animals by small settlements such as Arefu, Republic of Dave, and Shady Sands. There are some that are known as Mad Brahmin in Fallout 3 that will attack you on sight, this may be a reference to a pre-war disease known as Mad Cow Disease. When they do attack, they a generally weak creatures and shouldn't give you too much of a problem.

Brahmins mutated after the events of 2077 and grew two heads, possibly because of a Forced Evolutionary Virus and Radiation mix.

The Brahmin's best use in the Fallout Series are as Pack Mules to Caravan Merchants and Scavengers.

[edit] Notes

  • When Fallout 3 released in India Bethesda had to change or take out the word Brahmin in all of their games to not offend Indian culture and religion

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