Billy Creel

Billy Creel
Billy Creel.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Maggie
Location Megaton
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Apparel:


Billy Creel is a resident of Megaton in Fallout 3. He can often be found in Moriarty's Saloon drinking Nuka-Cola. He lives with his adopted daughter Maggie who he rescued from a Raider attack that killed both her parents.

If you read the terminal in Moriarty's Saloon you can read Colin Moriarty's thoughts on Billy. He believes Billy was a slaver who killed Maggie's parents and kept her as a trophy, however there is no other evidence in the game to support Colin's theory.

There's a safe in Billy's house that can only be unlocked by talking to Maggie and having the Child at Heart perk. The safe contains Bottle Caps, Pre-War Money, a 10mm Pistol and Ammunition.

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