Big Book of Science

Big Book of Science
Big Book of Science.JPG
Effects +1 Science
Weight 2
Value 50 Caps

The Big Book of Science is a skill book that can be found throughout the Capital Wasteland. It improves your Science skill by +1. If combined with the Comprehension Perk, the player receives +2.

The player can attain a total of 25 Big Book of Sciences throughout the game.

It is suggested that the player only improves their Science skill to anywhere between 50-75, as the skill books and Science Bobblehead can be used in place of skill points.

[edit] Locations

Locations of some if not all of the games skill books:

Location Description
Arlington Cemetery In Arlington House on the table in the kitchen.
Arlington Library In a room upstairs to the right. On the desk in an office.
Bethesda Ruins
Broadcast Tower KB5
Broadcast Tower LP8
Chryslus Building
Corvega Factory (2)
Fort Bannister
Fort Constantine
Galaxy News Radio
Greener Pastures Disposal Site
Hallowed Moors Cemetery
Jury Street Metro Station
Marigold Station
Megaton Given by Moira Brown as a reward for completing The Wasteland Survival Guide
Nuka Cola Plant
Rivet City
RobCo Factory
Tenpenny Tower
Vault-Tec Headquarters
Warrington Station

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