BB Gun (Fallout 3)

BB Gun
BB Gun.png
Maximum Damage 3
Damage Type Weak
Ammo Type BB's
Ammo Capacity 50
Cost A gift during the Growing Up Fast quest.
Weight 2

The BB Gun is the first rifle you acquire in Fallout 3 during the quest Growing Up Fast, and you can swipe it from your desk at the start of the quest Escape!. It is not recommended for use after this quest because of the low damage rate. If you do choose to use it after such, you will only be able to kill radroaches easily with it, so avoid this gun at all costs except during emergencies.

[edit] Notes

  • Sometimes children will carry BB guns as their weapon.
  • BB's are pretty rare, so even if you want to use the gun, you might not have ammo at hand.
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