Ashur Kundanika

Ashur Kundanika
Race Human
Affiliation Brotherhood of Steel
Location Haven
Appearances The Pitt
Related Quest Free Labor
Drops Apparel

Ashur Kundanika or 'Lord Ashur' is a character that was added with the The Pitt DLC. He is the leader of The Pitt Raiders and is one of two possible antagonists for The Pitt, the other being Wernher.

Ashur used to be a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, and he was reported as the only casualty in Scourge. However, Ashur is still very much alive and has set up a base of operations at Haven.

The residents of The Pitt worship him as a god, due to his Brotherhood Power Armor. He refers to the slaves as his workers, as he dislikes using the word 'slave' to them.

[edit] The Pitt

Ashur is introduced halfway during the quest Unsafe Working Conditions when he addresses his slaves from a raised platform and asks them to pick a contestant for The Hole.
His final appearance is during Free Labor, when the Lone Wanderer must pick to side with Ashur and stop the Slaves from rioting or side with Wernher and kill Asher.

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