Ashur's Power Armor

Ashur's Power Armor
Tribal Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 40
Weight 45
Cost 740
Effects: Charisma +1

Luck +1
Radiation Resistance +10
Strength +1
Agility -1

Ashur's Power Armor is a unique form of the Tribal Power Armor in Fallout 3. It's worn by Ashur who is a former Brotherhood of Steel member and the current leader of The Pitt. It can only be obtained by looting his dead body, you can either kill him yourself or let the Trogs deal with him during the Free Labor quest (only if you help the slaves).

Ashur's Power Armor adds +1 to Luck, Charisma and Strength, it also has -1 for Agility and +10 for Radiation Resistance. It can be repaired with Brotherhood, Outcast or Enclave Power Armor.

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