Arlington House

Arlington House
Arlington House 2.jpg
Appearance Fallout 3
Location Arlington Cemetery
Inhabitants Junders Plunkett

Arlington House is located in Arlington Cemetery in the Capital Wasteland. The house itself can be easily spotted coming from either north or south, as it is solitary at the top of a hill. As there are almost no more buildings in the area, it can easily be seen.

[edit] Interior

Inside, the house has two levels, like a majority of houses in the game. On the bottom floor, when entering the house and going through the left door, there is the kitchen including a first kit box. To the right after entering the house is a dining room with an upturned chair, as well as a staircase leading to the basement. In the basement, there is a bed, a Bobblehead - Luck and a shrine to Abraham Lincoln. At the shrine, there are flowers, a knife and small amounts of blood.

[edit] Junders Plunkett

Main Article: Junders Plunkett

Plunkett is on the run from the Regulators and has a bounty on his head. Arlington House is his hideout and he has two unique items: a weapon called Plunkett's Valid Points and Plunkett's Finger.

[edit] History

Arlington House Real.jpg

This building is actually a real building located in Virginia. As the image to the right shows, the appearance of the in-game house resembles more of a normal Wasteland house rather than how it appears nowadays. It was the home of Robert E. Lee, a Confederate general, leading to irony that there is a shrine to Lincoln in the basement, as the Confederacy's enemy was Lincoln.

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