Race Ghoul
Affiliation Herbert Dashwood
Location Rockopolis
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Related Quests A Manhandled Manservant

Argyle is a Ghoul manservant who accompanied Herbert Dashwood on his adventures through the Capital Wasteland. You can here stories about their adventures by listening to Galaxy News Radio. He is deceased and his corpse can still be found at Rockopolis next to the Unarmed Vault Boy Bobblehead.

[edit] A Manhandled Manservant

Main Article: A Manhandled Manservant

Their last adventure involved Dashwood revealing the location of a secret underground village known as Rockopolis to a woman named Penelope Chase, however she turned out to be an undercover spy for the Slavers at Paradise Falls. When the slavers attacked the village, Dashwood and Argyle were separated.

Dashwood can now be found at Tenpenny Tower, but Argyle wasn't so lucky, as read above. You can report his death to Dashwood for a reward.

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