Aqua Pura

Aqua Pura
Aqua Pura.png
Addiction Rate None
Effects If Infected With FEV:
  • -1 IT
  • -2 STR
  • Death if you drink more than two.

Not Infected:

  • +20 HP
Weight 1
Value 6

Aqua Pura is "pure" type of water that can be obtained in the third DLC Broken Steel in Fallout 3. The water has been completely cleansed of radiation and other harmful things by the purifier in the Jefferson Memorial and is from Potomac River.

Depending on the players actions during the quest Take it Back! the water could be one of the best sources of health in the game due to how common it can be. If you choose to infect the water with the modified FEV it will minus the players Intelligence by one and Strength by 2. If you drink more than two bottles of the water if it is infected, you will die.

If did not infect the water it will give you +20 Hit Points.

[edit] Notes

  • John Henry Eden said you were going to be immune to the virus before the quest, but this is not true. The Lone Wanderer was actually born outside of Vault 101 so he will still technically die if he drank too much of the infected water.
  • Aqua Pura has the same stats and Purified Water, but it is a lot more common.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel distributes it and because of the cleansing of the Potomac Mirelurks are dying.
  • Griffon sells a fake version of this type of water, Aqua Cura.
  • Aqua Pura is 14 caps less than regular Purified Water, possibly because it is more common.
  • If infected it can be given to Water Beggars for negative karma.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you look up the words "Aqua Pura" it literally means "Pure Water" in latin.
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