Race Human
Affiliation Giant Ants
Location Canterbury Commons
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:




The AntAgonizer is the "Super Villian" of Canterbury Commons who has the ability to control Giant Ants. She and her Ants take part in regular battles in the streets of Canterbury Commons with her arch nemesis The Mechanist and his army of Robots. If you talk to a local named Joe Porter he will give you a background check on the AntAgonizer. Her real name is Tanya Christoff and he family were killed by Giant Ants when she was young, this tragedy messed with her mind and she started to believe the Giant Ants were a superior race to the humans.

[edit] The Superhuman Gambit

Main Article: The Superhuman Gambit

The AntAgonizer is a part of this quest in which you must convince or force either her or the Mechanist to leave Canterbury Commons alone. If you talk to Joe Porter before heading to the AntAgoniozer's Lair you can convince her that humanity is worth saving and she will give up being a super villain. If you give her The Mechanist's costume she will say she has no further reason to stay in Canterbury Commons and will leave forever, but not before giving you the Ant's Sting or if you decide to kill her in her Lair you'll be attacked by a swarm of Giant Ants.

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