Among the Stars

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Among the Stars
Among the Stars.png
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Location(s) Hangar
Cryo Labs
Robot Assembly
Decompression Chamber
Space Walk
Observation Deck
Received by Sally
Reward(s) 300xp
Related Quests This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

Among the Stars is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Mothership Zeta DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after completing the Not of This World quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Destroying The Generators

The first part of this quest requires that the player finds and destroys the the generators spread throughout the ship. They are located in three separate locations; the Hangar, the Cryo Lab and the Robot Assembly. The player is able to bring along one of the companions thawed out from stasis in the previous quest.

[edit] Hangar

The Hangar

Before heading to the Hangar, Paulson will agree to assist you if asked. To locate the generator, the player will need to head over to the top balcony of the Hangar. The player will need to kill all of the Aliens on the main floor, the balcony viewed as you enter the Hangar and the top balcony. After killing the Aliens, move to the balcony opposite to the one you first came through. On the right hand-side, there is a switch which will unlock the door, leading up to the top balcony.

Proceed up the stair until you come to the two Drones. Move to the left of this position and press the switch. This will set off an alarm, causing what seems to be an endless flood of Aliens and Drones to pour through the two doors on the lower level. The player can use the six Pylon Controls to knock over and damage the swarm of Aliens. However, it is likely that some may survive and reach the balcony, so caution is advised. It is worth noting that behind the player there are two healing archways.

After defeating the Aliens, head over to the door where you set the alarm off. It will now be opened, allowing you access to the generator. Press the blue switch to raise the generator and the coolants. Activate all coolants to cause the generator to explode. Afterwards, return to the Engineering Core through the way you entered the Hangar.

[edit] Cryo Lab

Elliot Tercorien will assist the player in the Cryo Lab if asked. Upon first entering the Lab, Aliens will attack the player from the right. On the left hand-side, the player can access a room by passing over the glass floor. Head downstairs and press the switch beside a locked door. This room contains some Alien weapons and some items from the Capital Wasteland.

Afterwards, head back upstairs and turn right. Proceed forwards until you come across a doorway. As the player enters the room, they will be attacked by a number of Aliens and Drones (If the player has the Drone Control Device, the Drones can be realigned to aid you). There are switches on both sides of the room, one set thaws a Ghoul and a Raider, the other contains an Alien Captive Recording.

The next room is similar to the previous one, although much larger. Before entering the room, activating a switch in a side room to the left will release a Raider and Ghoul. Be wary, as there is a possibility that the ghoul will be a Reaver if the player has a high enough level and Broken Steel is installed.

As the player continues into the following room, they will enter an examination room. The Aliens will be experimenting on deceased members of Elliot's squad, causing him to shout out in anger. The player can activate a switch, causing the doors to seal and the room to freeze everything inside.

In the next room there are two pods, containing the remaining members of Elliot's squad; Private Beckett and Sergeant Daniels. Elliot will then attempt to revive them two soldiers. If they player revives them before Elliot can check their status, they will go insane and attack one another. However, if the player allows Elliot enough time, he can restore them, and they will fight alongside you for a short while before dying.

The player will then enter the main cryo-storage bay. In the room there are a number of Aliens. The player can find a number of switches which will release Ghouls. Be cautious as they may be Reavers. On the lower level, there are more switches which release Super Mutants. If Broken Steel is installed, there may be Overlords. It is recommended to let the groups of enemies attack one another and finish of whatever is left alive.

After defeating all enemies, continue north of the second level and head through the corridor. At the end there is a generator. Use the switch and activate the three coolants to destroy the generator. In the same room the player can find a teleporter that will bring them back to start of the Cryo Labs.

[edit] Robot Assembly

Somah will assist the player in the Robot Assembly if asked to do so. If you bring her with you, she will activate a teleporter near the start, separating the two of you. Head downstairs and move to the right. In the corner there is a shelf with a large amount of Alien Epoxy. Head down the main hallway fater looting the items. You will find a healing archway on the right.

Continue down the hallway and head through the door on the left. This will bring you to the main robot assembly line. You will have to fight a number of Aliens and Drone in this area. At the back of this room the player can find a switch which they can use to override the machine, causing it to explode. You can now enter the machine and use it to proceed to the next area.

In this room, the player can find 3 Guardian Drones and 5 Support Drones. There are also few Aliens, one of which can take a large amount of damage. If the player has the Computer Whiz Perk and a Stealth Boy, they can sneak around and deactivate the Drones. There is a room near the stairway which contains a healing archway. One of the Aliens will have the Drone Control Device, which will allow you to realign a single Drone to aid you.

Continue to the very back of this room. Somah will regroup with you before you destroy the generators. Just like the previous two occasions, use the switch and then activate the three coolants to destroy the generator. There is a teleportation device behind you that you can gain access to after the generator is destroyed, which will bring you back to the entrance of the Robot Assembly.

[edit] Access The Upper Level

The Space Walk

After all three generators have been destroyed, the player is given access to the Decompression Chamber. Take note that if you wish to complete the Alien Archivist, you must ensure you have all of the Alien Captive Recordings thus far as you will not be able to re-enter most areas after you have begun the Space Walk.

Enter the chamber and put on the Spacesuit looted from Colonel Hartigan. Next, activate the switch to decompress the airlock. (If the player is not wearing the suit, their head will explode. No, really.) Continue through the area and you will eventually reach the Space Walk.

While in space, you cannot activate your Pip-Boy or draw your weapon. You will need to locate three panels across the hull of the ship to activate the large teleporter in the middle. The first panel is near where you first enter the Space Walk. The second is opposite the first, on the other side of the ship. The last panel is close to the teleporter.

After finding all three panels, the teleporter will now activate. Entering it will end this quest and begin This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

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