Alien Captain

Alien Captain
Alien Captain.png
Race Alien
Affiliation n/a
Location Mothership Zeta
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Weapons:

The Alien Captain is the leader of all of the Alien forces encountered onboard the Mothership Zeta. He is found at the bridge of the ship, and has the authority of the ships Death Ray. When the player kils the Alien Captain, all other Aliens in the area will try to annihilate you. The ship flying alongside Mothership Zeta will attack you as a result of you killing their leader.

The Alien Captain is equipped with a unique variant of the Alien Blaster, the Captain's Sidearm. Unlike the standard Alien Blaster, which has become rusted and runs on Alien Power Cells, the Captain's Sidearm is silver and runs of Alien Power Modules.

[edit] This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

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To complete the quest the captain needs to be killed.

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