Agatha's Song

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Agatha's Song
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Location(s) Agatha's House
Received by Agatha
Reward(s) Agatha's Station


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[edit] Quest Objectives

The Agatha's Song quest will be given to you by an old woman called Agatha. She lives in a small house to the northeast of Meresti Trainyard and west of the Scrapyard. Agatha survives in the Capital Wasteland because she can give the traders access to her radio station in exchange for food and water. She's unhappy with her current violin and wants you to retrieve her great-great-grandmother's violin known as the Soil Stradivarius from Vault 92. She doesn't know the location of the vault but will add a map marker to the Vault-Tec Headquarters where you can find the vault's location. If you've already discovered Vault 92 you can skip half the quest and head straight there.

[edit] Vault-Tec Headquarters

The Vault-Tec Headquarters is located in the east of Vernon Square, the inside is guarded by Protectrons, Robobrains, Mister Gutsys and Sentry Bots (depending on you current level). The building is split into three sections; the Guest Relations, the Administration and the Corporate Offices. Head into the Administration area to find the computer mainframe. the mainframe can't be used until you have opened up System Operation Station 1, 2 and 3, all three can be found on the Administration level. Once all three are open ,head back to the mainframe and download the vault location. As well as Vault 92 this will also add map markers for Vault 87, Vault 101, Vault 106 and Vault 108 on to your Pip-Boy.

[edit] Vault 92

The Music Studio in Vault 92

Vault 92 is located in the north-east of the map, just west of Old Olney. The first level of the vault is home to some Bloatflys and Radroaches. There are two paths to the Soil Stradivarius, if you have a Lockpick skill at 50 or higher you can head straight down to the Sound Testing area. Down here you can find Mirelurks, Mirelurk Hunters and King Mirelurks (depending on your level). Follow the corridors towards the south-west of the vault until you reach the Lab.

If you don't have a Lockpick skill of at least 50, you'll have to go down the much more dangerous path of the Living Quarters. There are much more Mirelurks down here, but there's also terminals that will allow you to perform at Noise Flush which kills all the Mirelurks instantly, however you'll need a Lockpick skill of 50 to perform this. In the Living Quarters you can find a Sheet Music Book in one of the stalls in the men's bathroom. You can give this to Agatha to receive a bonus prize at the end of the quest. The Living Quarters will lead you up to the Atrium, through the Reactor sections and eventually to the Sound Testing area, now head south-west towards the Lab.

In the Lab you'll find 4 rooms in the shape of a T. Directly in front of you is a storeroom with Ammo and Medical supplies, to the right is a staff room with a jukebox, a fridge and a Nuka-Cola Machine. To the left the corridor splits again, on the left is a room with a terminal and to the right is a Music Studio where you'll find the Soil Stradivarius. Unless your character is at a low level, there's likely to be 2 Mirelurk Kings in here, one in the staff room and one in the room with the terminal. Kill them both and use the terminal to unlock the Music Studio, grab the Soil Stradivarius which is located in the far end of the room and exit Vault 92.

[edit] Agatha's Reward

Head back to Agatha's House and present Agatha with the Soil Stradivarius. She will reward you with the frequency to Agatha's Station on your Pip-Boy, you can now listen to Agatha playing classical violin music. If you brought back the Sheet Music Book, Agatha will give you her husband's old gun known as the Blackhawk which is a unique variation of the Scoped .44 Magnum.

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