Action Points

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Actions Points are used to attack enemies in V.A.T.S. Mode. On average a player will have around 100 Actions Points, the exact amount of Action Points you have will depend on your Agility stat or any boosts you're using. Each weapon uses a certain amount of Action Points per shot, small weapons like a 10mm Pistol uses 17 AP meaning you can take around 5 shots at a time, while bigger guns like a Fat Man uses 65 AP per shot meaning you'll only get one shot per V.A.T.S.

When you're running low on Action Points you'll have to try and avoid your enemy or try and take them down by manually shooting while your Action Points slowly regenerate. Using the Grim Reaper's Sprint perk at level 20 will make Action Points less of a concern because they will automatically regenerate every time you score a kill in V.A.T.S. Mode.

[edit] Increasing Action Points

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