A Note from Little Moonbeam´s Father

A Note from Little Moonbeam´s Father is a note the player can find in in Fallout 3. The note is found within the Statesman Hotel and was made by Sydney's father as he slowly died. If the player returns the note to Sydney after meeting her, she will give you her gun, Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG.

The note reads:

My dearest Little Moonbeam. I know you've been waiting to hear what happened to me.

I'm sorry I left you like I did. An important deal came up... one that might have let us to get away from that shack we were living in.

I came to the Statesman Hotel to meet the buyer and the deal went bad. We shot each other, and now I think I'm dying.

I won't make it out of this place... the ruins are crawling with Super Mutants. All I can do is record this and then hide up in one of the rooms.

You're a strong girl and I know you can use everything I taught you to survive alone.

Please forgive me, sweetie. I only wanted to make the best for us. Daddy loves you very much. Goodbye.

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