A Broken Robot

A Broken Robot
Broken Robot.jpg
Location Random
Received by Scavenger
Reward(s) Mentats
  • Energy Cells
  • Caps
  • Related Quests n/a

    A Broken Robot is a unmarked quest in Fallout 3, it is found in a random encounter. There's no specific location for it. Somewhere in the Capital Wasteland you'll come across a Scavenger and his Mr. Handy robot. The Scavenger will tell you that something is wrong with the robot and that he can't fix it, by listening to the robots dialogue it thinks it owns a furniture store.

    From here you have the options to fix the robot or walk away, there's also an extra dialogue option if your Repair skill is high enough where you can talk about mechanics with the Scavenger, he will then give you some Mentats. If you agree to fix the robot the scavenger will reward you with 2 Energy Cells but with a Speech check you can get an extra 100 Caps. Now go over to the Mr. Handy robot and press the activate button, you'll have 3 options, you can Rewire the diagnostic system, Disable the functionality, or Walk away. If you rewire the diagnostic system the robot will be fixed and you'll receive your reward. If you disable the robot it's brain will fry and it will drop to the ground. You can still get the reward by disabling the robot, if your speech skill is high enough you can convince the scavenger that the robot was dangerous and needed to be destroyed.

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