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Between January and August of 2009, 5 DLC packs have been released for Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360 and PC. Each one costs 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99. In May 2009 Bethesda announced there would be DLC coming to the Playstation 3. Broken Steel is set to be the first release in September 2009.

The Game of the Year addition was released on October 13, 2009 for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. It includes all 5 DLC packs.



U.S Soldier in a winterized T-51b Power Armor

Operation: Anchorage

Released: January 27 2009 (Xbox 360 and PC)

The Brotherhood Outcasts have found an Armory deep underground near Bailey's Crossroads, the Outcasts believe there is pre-war military equipment in the Armory however they don't have the technology to open it... but you do. Your Pip-Boy 3000 can be used to enter a military simulation which recreates the liberation of Anchorage. When you enter this simulation you'll join the U.S Army in their battle against the Chinese forces in Alaska.

Welcome to The Pitt

The Pitt

Released: March 24 2009 (Xbox 360 and PC)

Upon hearing a distress signal on his Pip-Boy 3000, the Lone Wanderer sets out to the far northwest of the Capital Wasteland to a radio tower to find the source of the signal. There he meets a man named Werhner who has escaped the harsh lands of The Pitt in search of someone who can help free his people. After you enter The Pitt you can decided the destiny of it's people, will you free the slaves from the leadership of Ashur and help them to find a cure against mutation caused by the radiation in The Pitt, or will you side with Ashur and his army of Slavers and Raiders as they battle to keep control of the slaves and hunt down their leader Werhner.

Project Purity up and running.

Broken Steel

Released: May 5 2009 (Xbox 360 and PC)

Broken Steel allows you to continue the main quest after Take it Back!, when you activate Project Purity both you and Sarah Lyons will knocked unconscious and you'll wake up 2 weeks later inside the Citadel clinic. Elder Lyons will explain that despite the success at Project Purity, the Enclave are still going strong and he asks you to aid him and the Brotherhood as they prepare to attack a secret Enclave base and finish them off once and for all.

Welcome to a forgotten land.

Point Lookout

Released: June 23 2009 (Xbox 360 and PC)

A ferry called the Duchess Gambit has docked at the Riverboat Landing in the Capital Wasteland and is looking to take tourists to Point Lookout where they can seek riches. Once you arrive at the Riverboat Landing you'll have to pay 300 Caps to Tobar who owns the ferry, he'll tell you that people travel to Point Lookout looking to loot riches from a forgotten part of the world.

Upon arrival you'll see an old mansion with smoke coming from the roof, Tobar will mention that you should check it out. Inside the mansion you'll find a Ghoul named Desmond who needs your help to fight off a hoard of local Tribals, who have attacked his mansion without reason. After helping Desmond, he makes it your job to find out the reason behind this peaceful tribe's attack.

All aboard the Mothership

Mothership Zeta

Released: August 3 2009 (Xbox 360 and PC)

The Aliens return to Earth and aren't amused. They are angry about the loss of one of their recon ships found at the Alien Crash Site. Mothership Zeta has been orbiting Earth for a long time and has been studying the planet.

Upon visiting the Alien Crash Site, players receive an unintelligible radio signal. This then proceeds with the player being abducted into Mothership Zeta. The player encounters various other abductees from the Capital Wasteland and Earth's past. The player will need to fight against the Aliens with the help of the other prisoners to escape the ship.

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