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Location(s) Vault 101
Received by Amata
Related Quests


Getting Started

You are woken up by your long time Vault friend, Amata, who seems to be in a panic and urges you to get up. You find out that your father has left Vault 101, which, no one is supposed to be able to leave or enter the Vault. The overseer's security guards have killed Jonas for being a potential accomplace in helping your father escape.

Amata will offer you a 10mm Pistol which you can choose to either take of leave with her. While you are still in your room you may also take your old BB Gun as well as a wooden baseball bat. While searching your room you will also find that issue of Grognak the Barbarian in a dresser, which you received from Amata during your 10th birthday party.

Roach Problems

While trying to find your way out you'll run into Butch who is in a panic and pleads with you to save his mother, who, is being attacked by radroaches in their room. Butch himself is affraid of the roaches so it is up to you to save her, that is if you're feeling kind enough to lend a helping hand.

If you chose to save her, Butch will reward you with his leather Tunnel Snake Jacket. You can always kill both Butch and his mother and take the jacket from Butch's dead body.

throughout the entire vault is a plague of radroaches that can be used to your advantage to help you get past the security guards.

Let Me Out of Vault 101

To get out you will need to head towards the Atrium. You will come across a room where a guard, the overseer and his daughter Amata are located. The overseer seems to be questioning Amata on the current turmoil and events. You may choose to be her knight in shining armor, or, let her fend for herself.

If you chose to save her you will need to take out the guard. At this point Amata will run out of the room. Once you have taken care of the guard you may speak with the overseer who has gone over to hide in the corner while calling for some non-existant guards.

At this point you have quite a few options.

Killing the Overseer

The old guy is crazy, I mean, he killed Jonas for no good reason and he wants to keep everyone locked up in the Vault. He has to pay for his crimes! and you were the one to bring him justice.

If you killed the Overseer you can loot his body for

  • Overseer's office key
  • Overseer's technical password
  • 3 stimpacks

be warned though that doing this will not gain you much favor in Amata's eyes, afterall this was her father no matter what his actions are.

Threaten to kill Amata

If you theaten the Overseer with his daughters life he will hand over his office key and the technical password. This option wont gain you high praise from Amata either.

You thief!

Optionally you may pickpocket the Overseer

Overseers Office

If you didn't get either the key or the password you will have to play both the lockpicking minigame and the hacking minigame.

Once inside the Overseer's office the terminal is located behind his desk. Note: the password is 'Amata'. You can read some of the materials found on the terminal. You'll find out that people have been let outside of the vault to explore the area on expeditions. It is also mentioned that they have encountered the people of Megaton.

Once you open up the path leading down you'll find yourself in the main Vault room. Amata will be there waiting for you to wish you goodbye and good luck on finding your father. Depending on your previous actions she may retain a cold attitude towards you.

No matter how much you want her to go with you she refuses and chooses to remain here in Vault 101. After your brief goodbyes two security officers will run into the room while you open the Vault doors.

You have the option to kill them or run around while the door opens. Once the door is open and you run into the tunnel leading out the gaurds will stop and refuse to go any further. This will allow you to stay in the tunnels and take pot shots at the guards without worrying about them retaliating.

The rickety wooden door leading out to the wasteland is your final chance to confirm your characters stats, skills, gender and appearance before they are finalized for the rest of the game (aside from cheating using console commands).


  • You can find your very first bobblehead in your fathers office
  • The mothers favourite revelation, 21:6 which is quoted and hanging in on the wall behind your fathers desk in his office has a hidden safe behind it. You need a skill level of 50 in lockpicking to open it. You may not be skilled enough now to open it but will be later on if you choose to do the optional quest, Trouble on the Homefront.

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