Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Location Paradise Falls
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Metal Armor


Super Sledge

Ymir is a Slaver found within Paradise Falls. He is the father of Jotun, who is commonly found near Ymir. Jotun states that he is only in Paradise Falls to protect his father.

When the player first enters Paradise Falls, they may witness an encounter between Ymir and the bartender Frank. The two begin talking, with Ymir eventually getting angry. He then turns hostile and kills the bartender with his Super Sledge. If the player asks him his reasoning for this, he tells you that the bartender was watering down the drinks so the Slavers would purchase more.

Killing Ymir will leave a finger on his corpse if the player has the Lawbringer Perk. Doing this will cause all of Paradise Falls to become hostile. This will also infuriate his son Jotun who may end up trying to kill everyone in sight.

A conversation may occur between Ymir and his son Jotun, in which he claims that Jotun will become the greatest Slaver ever.

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