The Workbench in your Megaton Shack.

A Workbench is an item in Fallout 3 used to create weapons. When the player has a Schematics and the four components required, they'll need to find a Workbench in order to build the weapon. Their are 46 Workbenches in total within the Capital Wasteland, there's at least one in each of the big settlements on the map.

[edit] Known Locations

Location Description
Bethesda Ruins On the third floor of the east building.
Canterbury Commons In the house of Dominic and Machete.
Evergreen Mills In the bazaar close to Smiling Jack.
Falls Church In the Utility room in the Franklin Metro.
Fort Independence In the lower level of the fort.
Greener Pastures Disposal Site Inside the office building.
Little Lamplight In the great chamber.
Megaton Inside Craterside Supply.
Megaton/Tenpenny Tower One can be bought for your Shack or Suite
Meresti Station Inside The Family's hideout.
Paradise Falls Inside the Lock and Load shop.
Rivet City In the Merketplace.
Underworld In Tulip's shop.

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