Wild Bill's Last Stand

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Wild Bill's Last Stand
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Location(s) Downtown in The Pitt
Received by Milly
Reward(s) 6 Stimpaks
Wild Bill's Sidearm

Wild Bill's Last Stand is a side-quest that the player is given access to after starting the Unsafe Working Conditions quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Speak With Milly

The player must first speak with Milly, a slave whom can be found in the Downtown section of The Pitt. She will tell you that she is worried about another slave, Wild Bill, who has been missing ever since he ventured into the Steel Yard. She will ask the player to find him.

[edit] Finding Wild Bill

The player will find that Wild Bill was killed on a stairwell in the Steel Yard. The player can find a weapon on his body, Wild Bill's Sidearm and a holotape called "Note from Wild Bill." The player will find several Steel Ingots beside his body.

[edit] Return To Milly

The player has several options when dealing with Milly. They can tell her that Bill is dead and receive 6 Stimpaks. You can also lie and tell her that he is still alive to receive the same award.

Alternatively (And humorously) the player can tell her through a Speech check that you heard Bill being torn apart by Trogs. Milly will then faint, dropping the Stimpaks that she would normally hand the player. However, it is likely that she will fling them out of sight as she faints.

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