White Glove Society

White Glove Society
White glove society.png
Founder: Marjorie
Leader(s): Marjorie
Location(s): Ultra-Luxe
New Vegas

[edit] History

A long time ago, before the Atomic War of 2077, The White Glove Society was an all Ghoul Faction, and bared some separate name. No one really knows or remembers its original name before it got hired by Mr. House, but some people still know what they did back then. The White Glove Society used to consume humans, seeing as this gave their name a bad reputation, its gravedigger Majorie threw out that custom and created a dress-code. Each member of the White glove Society was to wear Formal wear or White Glove Society Attire and a White Glove Society Mask. Majorie does this to create certain mysteriousness among the people of New Vegas, and to quote, "Dress so that no one could have dressed better than us."

[edit] Interactions

In the quest Beyond the beef the courier solves the unwelcome mystery of the cannibalism of the White Glove Society by removing an asset, known as Mortimer, whom is trying to bring back the old ways to the Society by feeding them none other than Human meat.

Another interaction, in the quest Render Unto Cesar the courier is tasked on asking the White Glove Society to aid them in the final battle of Hover Dam.

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