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Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Downtown
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quest Into The Pitt
Free Labor
Drops Apparel:


Werhner is a slave who escapes from The Pitt and travels to the Capital Wasteland in search of someone to help his people in Fallout 3. He sends a distress signal across the Wasteland which is picked up by you. Werhner had to escape The Pitt because he found out that Ashur, the leader of The Pitt, has discovered a cure that could stop the residents mutating into Trogs.

When you finally meet Ashur, he'll tell you that Werhner was once his lieutenant but turned his back on him to help the slaves. After talking to Ashur you're given the choice of following Werher's original plan to steal the cure, or you can side with Ashur to track down and kill Werhner.

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