Warrington Station

Warrington Station
Warrington Station.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Roy Phillips
Residents Michael Masters

Bessie Lynn

Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a

Warrington Station is a metro station located in the south-east of the Capital Wasteland. The station leads from the Warrington Tunnels out into the Capital Wasteland. There's also another route that leads to the Metro Access & Generator room, which will bring you to the basement of Tenpenny Tower. You will need to travel here to find Roy Phillips and his ghoul gang during the Tenpenny Tower Quest.

The station is occupied by three Ghouls; Roy Phillips, Michael Masters and Bessie Lynn. They all wanted to live in luxury at Tenpenny Tower, but they were turned away because of their appearance. They now live down in the station thinking of a way to invade the Tower.

A copy of Dean's Electronics, Pugilism Illustrated and a Nuka-Cola Quantum can all be found in the Ghoul's Living Quarters. They are all considered property of the ghouls and taking them will be seen as stealing and result in Bad Karma.

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