Vault Theme

The Vault Theme is a set of decorations you can buy from Moira at Craterside Supply (If you chose to disarm the bomb in the quest The Power of the Atom), Lydia Montenegro (If you chose to detonate the bomb in the quest The Power of the Atom, and killed Roy Phillips in the quest Tenpenny Tower), or Michael Masters (If you detonated the bomb in the quest The Power of the Atom, and the ghouls got into Tenpenny Tower). When asking about the theme, all three state "Feeling a little homesick, are we?"

Items in the Megaton Shack

  • Some machines and chairs
  • A N99 10mm Pistol located on the second floor in the 'closet' area
  • Foods, such as Fancy Lads Snack cakes, and Sugar Bombs
  • A pair of eyeglasses
  • 4 containers of Turpentine, 1 piece of Scrap Metal, and 3 Tin Cans
  • Some Ruined books, a clipboard, pencils, 21 coffee mugs, cups, glass pitcher, and plates

Items in Tenpenny Tower Suite

  • A Vault Computer at the entrance
  • Signs above the doors
  • A Toilet free of Radiation
  • A locker (for storage)
  • More foods, such as Sugar Bombs and Potatoe Crisps
  • a vast amount of pencils, clipboards, and other materials
  • Cups, plates, spatula

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