Vault 101 Distress Signal

This is a sent out by Amata from Vault 101. It can be found on your Pip-Boy after you've completed The Waters of Life quest, travelling anywhere close to Vault 101 (like Megaton) will activate the distress signal and the Trouble on the Homefront quest. The message will differ depending on how you acted in the Escape! quest

[edit] Amata's Dad is Alive

"It feels like you left home a long time ago, but I know you're still out there. I just hope you're still alive to hear this.

Things got worse after you left. My father's gone mad with power. If you can hear this, please stop looking for your dad and help stop mine."

[edit] Amata's Dad is Dead

"Things got worse after you left. The new Overseer is insane. If you can hear this, please stop looking for your dad and help save us.

I changed the door password to my name. If you're hearing this, and you still care enough to help me, you should remember it."

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