Vault=Tec Industries
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Industry: Building/Technology
Product(s): Vaults
Location(s): Vault-Tec Headquarters

Vault-Tec are the creators of the Vaults in the Fallout universe, safes that protected people from the nuclear holocaust that happened in 2077. The US Government paid them to make these vaults to help people survive.

[edit] Experiments and Products

Numerous Vaults across America were used to experiment on human beings, and test them for different things. Vault 101 for example was used to study how humanity could cope in a confined space, and Vault 87 was used to experiment with FEV.

The people behind those cruel acts were none other then the Enclave, a secret military organization.

Vault Tec created the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, which was supposed to be used to bring life to the Wasteland after a nuclear war. It is seeked out by the player character to fix the purifier.

Vault Tec created the system VATS, that is used on Action Points. The player can use this targeting system if he/she has enough of these points.

Vault-Tec Propaganda

[edit] Notes

  • Vault-Tec supposedly had propaganda playing in all the Vaults, such as "Remember, the Vaults are America."
  • Vault-Tec appears in all of the Fallout games.

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