Unsafe Working Conditions

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Into The Pitt
Unsafe Working Conditions.jpg
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Location(s) Steel Yard
Received by Midea
Reward(s) Pitt Fighter Perk
Auto Axpert Perk

The Infiltrator

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Free Labor

Unsafe Working Conditions is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading The Pitt DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after entering Downtown and completing the Into the Pitt quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Meeting Midea

If the player killed the gate guards, or asked to join the Raiders, they will be attacked and knocked unconscious upon entering Downtown. The player will then be revived by Midea, who then gives you the directions to her quarters. Alternatively, if the player convinced the guards that he/she was an escaped slave, Midea's quarters will be marked on the map.

Midea informs the player of her plot to steal The Cure from Ashur. She is interrupted mid-conversation by a slaver, Jackson. He demands that Midea reveal what she was talking to the player about. Midea succeeds in lying to Jackson, whom then leaves. She then tells the player to go and collect Steel Ingots from the Steel Yard, claiming that any slave that doesn't work will suffer for it.

[edit] The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard

To enter the Steel Yard, the player must first enter The Mill. It is advised that the player take an Auto Axe from Marco as it will aid greatly is searching for the Ingots.

After gaining the Auto Axe, the player will then need to speak with Everett. He will sarcastically congratulate the player for being "lucky" enough to undertake the task. He will then lead the player through the Abandoned Area, a small caged walkway between The Mill and The Steel Yard. As Everett is leading you, he will point out to the other side of the cage. There the player will see their first Trog, a feral human that has been mutated.

The Steel Yard is a large area filled with abandoned buildings, destroyed pipelines and steel walkways. To the east the player can find a Supply Plant. The player should be able to find the first two Steel Ingots as soon as they enter the Steel Yard. Beside the two Ingots, the player can find an Assault Rifle. As the player moves forward, they will see a slave pleading with his brother, Billy, who has become a Trog. The Trog will kill the slave unless the player intervenes. If the player kills "Billy", the slave will mourn his death.

The rest of the Steel Ingots are scattered around the Steel Yard. Although they are not difficult to find, the player will likely be under equipped to deal with the dangers encountered during their venture.

As the player returns to the Abandoned Area after finding 10 Ingots, they will find that a Trog has ripped through the cage. After dealing with the Trog, the player can find more Ingots through the hole it created.

When the player encounters Everett, he will sarcastically reply, "Well, now, look who made it back." He will reward you with a Laborer Outfit. Depending on how many Ingots the player has found, they may receive more rewards.

The list of the gear the player can obtain:

The player will also revive the perk Auto Axpert. This perk boosts the damage the player deals with the Auto Axe or any of its variants. After receiving their rewards, the player should return to Midea.

[edit] The Hole

Midea will tell the player to prepare themselves for a fight in The Hole. After exiting Midea's quarters, the player will see Ashur standing on the balcony above the square. As he addresses the slaves about the upcoming fight, Midea volunteers the player to fight.

As the player makes their way to The Mill, they will encounter a group of slaves huddled around the destroyed bus. As the player approaches, one will whistle, and they will disperse. A player with a high enough Sneak skill can hear their conversation. The slaves talk about how their are anxious about what they are planning. One slave will also mention The Cure.

To sign up for the fight, the player must speak with Faydra. She is located at the bottom of the stairs within The Mill. The stairs are near a sign says "Arena." Faydra will tell the players the rules of the fight. In the room, the player can find a locker that has low-level melee weapons and pistols. If the player obtained any weapons from Everett, it is advised to use them. Alternatively, weapons found within the Steel Yard are also effective here.

[edit] The Arena

Round One

The player will have to fight three different slaves. The are usually armed with a Combat Shotgun and Assault Rifle. Their weaponry, however, may change depending on the player's level.

Round Two

The player will encounter the Bear brothers, John and Grudd, equipped with deadly weapons:

Both of the Bear brothers armor have a condition of over 90%, giving them a high damage protection.

Round Three

The player will have to fight Gruber. He is equipped with Gamma Shield Armor, a Metal Helmet and The Infiltrator assault rifle. Gruber's armor has a condition of over 90% and also has a large amount of health.

Once the player completes all three rounds, they are "freed" from their slave status. They are then given an audience with Ashur in Haven. After exiting The Hole, the player can gain their equipment lost during the Into the Pitt quest. The players gear is located in a footlocker near the entrance to The Hole.

The player will gain the Pitt Fighter perk. This effectively ends the quest, and begins the next quest, Free Labor.

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