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Location Mojave Wasteland
Leader Marjorie
Residents Mortimer
White Glove Society
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Places of Interest Bon Vivant Suite
Related Quests Beyond the beef
Big winner: Ultra-Luxe


[edit] Ultra-Luxe

Ultra-Luxe is a location found in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. The Ultra-Luxe is a titan vegas casino, designed for the most luxurious things that a person could be able to bask in. Its casino provides only Blackjack and Roulette, as Slot machines are considered to be too loud. Noises made freely are considered an ear-ache. Home to the White Glove Society, whom used to be an all Ghoul tribe, they provide each of its visitors with a certain feeling of happiness, and do their best to pose a seamless image.

[edit] Gambling

In the event of gambling the player encounters a few pay checks whereas the player would receive items for, continuous play and/or high winning streaks. To monitor these total winnings, watch your Ultra-Luxe Earnings.

[edit] Checks

Upon reaching 15,000 chips, the player will be asked to stop gambling at the Ultra-Luxe, thus banning you from gambling there any longer. Any items received as a check will not be removed, and earned things such as the Bon Vivant Suite key will remain available. All other parts of the Ultra-Luxe such as the Gourmand and the items sold there, will still be available to the player.

[edit] Notable items

Notable, unique items in the Ultra-luxe are:

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