Race Ghoul
Affiliation n/a
Location Underworld
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Tulip is a Ghoul found within the Underworld. She runs the shop Underworld Outfitters. You can purchase the Railway Rifle Schematics.

Conversing with other Ghouls reveals that not many of them actually shop at Underworld Outfitters. They instead prefer Carol's Place or the Ninth Circle. Tulip herself spends her caps at either Carol's Place or the Ninth Circle, however she prefers Carol's Place.

You can receive a copy of the book Paradise Lost if you ask her about the origins of the Underworld. The book acts the same as a copy of Lying, Congressional Style. It also is affected by the Comprehension Perk.

[edit] The Replicated Man

Main Article: The Replicated Man

On Tulips desk you can acquire a holotape that starts the quest.

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