Tribal Power Armor

Tribal Power Armor
Tribal Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 35
Weight 40
Cost 740
Effects: Action Points +15

Luck +1
Melee Weapons +5
Strength +1
Agility -1

The Tribal Power Armor is a unique variation of Power Armor in Fallout 3. It was built by residents of The Pitt to look like Ashur's Power Armor, it has 5 points less Damage Resistance and different effects to Ashur's suit. Wearing the Tribal Power Armor will increase your Luck and Strength by +1, your Melee Weapons skill by +5, your Action Points by +15 and it will also decrease your Agility by -1. It can be repaired with any other T-45d Power Armor.

This armor can be obtained from Everett after collecting all 100 Steel Ingots from the Steel Yard.

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