This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

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This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...
This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough....png
G icon.gif 40
Location(s) Observation Deck
Weapons Lab
Experimentation Lab
Biological Research
Death Ray Hub
Death Ray Control
Living Quarters
Received by Sally
Reward(s) 600xp
Captain's Sidearm
Related Quests Not of This World
Among the Stars

This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough... is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Mothership Zeta DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after completing the Among the Stars quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Regroup With The Others

After using the teleportation device in the previous quest, you will now find yourself in the Observation Deck. Activate the switch in the airlock to re-pressurize the the room, allowing you to remove the Spacesuit. Proceed to the next room and activate the teleporter to allow the others to regroup with you. Sally will then crawl through a duct to power down the door, allowing you to proceed.

[edit] Disable The Death Ray And Advance To The Bridge

The Observation Deck

After moving through the door, continue to move into the room with the glass floor. Below you, the player can view the Earth. Your companions will have a short conversation and Sally will open another door. A hologram of an Alien will appear, and the player will learn of the Death Ray. Sally will return, allowing you to proceed. You will find an inactive teleporter and will be tasked with finding the other end to turn it on.

[edit] Weapons Lab

In the Weapons Lab, you will be attack by a large number of Aliens Drones and turrets. After defeating the enemies, turn left and move down the hallway. In a room on the right hand-side, the player will find an inactive Guardian Drone. Eventually you will reach a hallway with multiple routes. Take a right here and continue until your reach the second floor. Proceed down the stairs and head through the middle door. Continue into the next room and move left and then walk up the stairs. The player must then move through the circular doors and enter the room on the left. Proceed through the hallway and up the stairs into the Experimentation Lab.

[edit] Experimentation Lab

Upon entering the Lab, turn right and proceed to move down the hallway. Continue going forward until you reach the room with the forcefield covering a door. In the middle of the room the player can find a generator. Activate the generator to destroy the forcefield. Next, move through the hallway and enter the Biological Research Lab.

[edit] Biological Research Lab

In the Research Lab, move forward and up the stairs directly in front of you. Move to the right and proceed across the bridge. The player will find a door with a forcefield and a switch to the right of it. Enter the door on the right. Continue to the teleporters. Take note that if you enter the teleporter to the Death Ray Hub, you cannot return until the completion of the quest. If you are attempting to gain the Alien Archivist achievement, you will need to have all of the Alien Captive Recordings thus far.

[edit] Death Ray Hub

Upon using the teleporter, the player will encounter a number of enemies. Continue until you reach the Death Ray Control. This room have a number of hostile Aliens. After killing all enemies, activate the switch four time to cause the four generators to rise. Reapeat this pattern at each generator to cause them to overload. After disabling the second generator, a second wave of Aliens will attack the player.

[edit] Living Quarters

After destroying all four generators, proceed to exit the Death Ray Hub and enter the Living Quarters. This room contains a number of Aliens that are equipped with portable bubble shields. Damaging the shields will disable them, allowing you to pass through. After defeating all enemies, proceed towards the teleporter to the Bridge.

[edit] Kill The Captain

If the player enters the teleporter to the Bridge, they will not be allowed to return and so must finish the quest to proceed. Be sure that you have collected all equipment and are happy to proceed.

After arriving on the Bridge, the player must kill the Alien Captain. He is fairly weak, however, he is equipped with a unique item, the Captain's Sidearm. The Alien Captain also has several other Alien bodyguards in the room equipped with Alien Atomizers. If your companions have survived until this point they will aid you in the fight.

After defeating the remaining Aliens, a hologram of an Alien head will appear and speak to you. However, it is impossible to understand. After the Alien is finished speaking, a second Alien ship will appear and attack the Mothership with its Death Ray.

[edit] Destroy The Alien Ship

The Mothership's Destruction

Sally will remark that the Bridge looks like the one from Captain Cosmos and will claim to know how to operate the ship. She orders everyone to take positions and asks Paulson to guard the rear teleporter.

Your objective is to destroy the Alien Ship attacking you. You will have access to your own ship's Death Ray and Shields. It will be your job to determine the best way to divide the ships power:

  • Full Shields (Left): Most of the ships power is drawn to the shields, giving you the best protection but weakening the Death Ray.
  • Intermediate Shields (Middle): The ships power is divided equally between the Shields and the Death Ray.
  • Low Shields (Right): Most of the ships power is drawn to the Death Ray, giving your Death Ray the best power but weakening your defense.
  • Fire Death Ray: This is the fourth button and fires your Death Ray at the enemy ship.

It is possible that the enemy ship's attack will disable your ship's generators. To reactivate them, you will need to use the four buttons on the east and west walls of the ship. While the generators are down, Elliot cannot disable the teleporters, enabling the Aliens to breech the Bridge and attack you. It is advised that your kill the attackers before restarting the generators.

After taking half of the enemy ship's health, Somah will say that the Shields and Elliot are down (Although Elliot is just knocked down and the Shields return almost immediately). From here on, the teleporters cannot be disabled and Aliens will continue to enter the Bridge and attack you.

After you defeat the Alien Ship, it will be destroyed and you can watch it falling to Earth, breaking up in the atmosphere. You can now use the remaining areas of the ship as your home (The Bridge, Engineering Core and Steamworks). There is a teleporter in the room on the left that will return you to the Capital Wasteland.

After you leave the ship, Somah and Paulson leave and are never seen again. Elliot and Sally will stay aboard the ship and you can return to collect Alien weapons from them periodically.

Entering the teleporter will complete the quest and end the Mothership Zeta questline.

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