The Pitt

The Pitt
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Appearances Fallout 3
Leader Ashur Kundanika
Places of Interest Pitt Train Yard

The Pitt Bridge

Into the Pitt

Unsafe Working Conditions
Free Labor

For Fallout 3's second DLC Pack see The Pitt (DLC)

The Pitt is an industrial city overrun by Raiders and Slavers, it's based on the city of Pittsburgh. Unlike the Capital Wasteland, The Pitt wasn't directly hit by the bombs during the Great War and many of it's buildings are still standing, it also appears to be free of Super Mutants and Ghouls. While the city may have escaped the bombs it's people still suffered greatly due to the extremely high levels of radiation in the water. Almost everyone in The Pitt suffers from irradiation but some of them became so badly contaminated that they started to lose their humanity, they became aggressive and blood-thirsty and became known to the locals as Trogs.

[edit] History

Despite The Pitt's bad reputation for being a city of slavery, it used to be much worse. The Pitt was once overrun by mutation, there was no laws so murder and rape was everywhere. That was until the Brotherhood of Steel entered the city and cleaned out the mutants and rescued as many non-contaminated children they could find, one of those kids was Paladin Kodiak who is now a Brotherhood of Steel member who can be found at the Citadel, if you talk to him he'll tell you the story of how he was rescued.

During the Brotherhood's attack on The Pitt, one if their members was caught in an explosion within The Mill, the Brotherhood believed this member was dead and left The Pitt without him. This members name was Ashur Kundanika and he was rescued by scavengers who were trying to steal his armor, however he managed to convince the scavengers to join him and help re-build The Pitt. Ashur killed all the Raider leaders in the city and recruited everyone else to follow him, he became the leader of The Pitt and is known to his followers as Lord Ashur. His ultimate goal is to make The Pitt the first city since the Great War to start "producing" again, instead of living off the leftovers like the rest of the world, to help him achieve his goal Ashur brought in slaves from all over the wastelands to work in in his steel mills producing weapons and ammunition which could be sold to people all over the wasteland.

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