The Nuka-Cola Challenge

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The Nuka-Cola Challenge
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Location(s) Girdershade
Received by Sierra Petrovita
  • Ice-Cold Nuka-Cola
  • Nuka Grenade Schematics
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    [edit] Quest Objectives

    The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest be obtained from Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade. Sierra is a Nuka-Cola addict, she's transformed her house into a Nuka-Cola museum, complete with a Nuka-Cola fridge, a pristine Nuka-Cola machine and a life-sized bottle of Nuka-Cola. After giving you the tour of the house, she will tell you that the only thing she likes more than Nuka-Cola, is Nuka-Cola Quantum. However, this is much harder to come across in the Capital Wasteland because the Nuka-Cola company only made a limited amount before the war. She gives you the task of finding Nuka-Cola Quantums for her. She will give you 40 Caps for each bottle you collect. You need to collect 30 in order to complete the quest.

    [edit] Ronald Laren

    Sierra's Nuka-Cola Collection

    Once you exit her house you'll bump into Ronald Laren, who is the only other resident in Girdershade, he also has an unhealthy obsession of wanting to sleep with Seirra. Ronald will ask you to give the Quantum bottles to him instead, then he'll give them to Seirra to impress her and improve his chances of "plowing her bean field". Ronald will pay you the same amount of Caps as Seirra, but a successful Speech check will make him double the offer. If you're a female character and you have the Black Widow perk you can tell him that you'll have a threesome with him and Sierra if he helps you find the Quantum Bottles. After this, he can usually be found dead outside the entrance to the Nuka-Cola Plant, you can loot his body for a unique Sawed-Off Shotgun called The Kneecapper.

    [edit] Quantum Locations

    This is not a quick and easy quest, Nuka-Cola Quantum can be quite hard to come by, there's only 92 bottles in preset locations across the Capital Wasteland, others can sometimes by found randomly inside Nuka-Cola machines. The best place to start is the Nuka-Cola Plant, only 4 bottles can be found in here but on the bottom floor you'll meet a Mr. Handy robot called Milo, Shipping Foreman. He has a key on him that can unlock a the R&D Safe on the Research and Development level, you can get the key via a Speech check, having the Robotics Expert perk or by killing him and looting his body. Open the safe to find a shipping manifest which tells you that a large quantity of Nuka-Cola Quantum was delivered to Paradise Falls, Super-Duper Mart and Old Olney.

    Below is a list of 30 "easy to find" Bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum:

    Location Description Quantity
    Paradise Falls Under the stairs in Eulogy Jones' Pad, taking them is considered stealing and anyone who sees you will turn hostile. 5
    Old Olney They're not found directly in Old Olney, but to the south-east of the town. They're found in the back of a truck that appears to have crashed on a route between Old Olney and a nearby Red Rocket Station. 6 Quantums can be found in the truck, although it may sometimes be 5 or 7. 6
    Super-Duper Mart In the Pharmacy Room at the back end of the building, in the same room as the Protectron Robot. 3
    Nuka-Cola Plant 3 can be created in the Production room by activating the machine. Another one can be found outside the plant, in a truck at the back of the building. 4
    Republic of Dave In Dave's office, on top of the safe that contains Ol' Painless 1
    Warrington Station In the room where Roy Phillips sleeps. 1
    Smith Casey's Garage Found behind the counter. 1
    Museum of Technology In the maintenance room next to the Planetarium. 1
    Lincoln Memorial In the maintenance room around the back of the Memorial. 1
    Fort Constantine In the kitchen of the CO Quarters. 1
    Evergreen Mills Behind the bar inside the bazaar. 2
    Dukov's Place On a shelve behind Dukov's bed on the top floor. 1
    Deathclaw Sanctuary Just inside the entrance, next to a rotten Brahmin corpse and the Endurance Bobblehead 1
    Regulator HQ In an open locker in the back room. 1
    Germantown Police HQ On the bottom floor, in the room where you find Shorty during the Big Trouble in Big Town quest. 1

    [edit] Reward

    After bringing 30 Quantums to Sierra, she will reward you with an Ice Cold Nuka-Cola and a Nuka Grenade Schematics. If you let Ronald give Sierra the Quantums, you'll see Ronald make obvious flirtatious moves towards Sierra, but she completely gets the wrong end of the stick and mistakes it for a marriage proposal.

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