The Guns of Anchorage

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Operation Anchorage
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Location(s) Anchorage
Received by Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery
Reward(s) Access to Field HQ
Related Quests Aiding the Outcasts

Paving the Way
Operation: Anchorage

The Guns of Anchorage is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Operation: Anchorage DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after completing the Aiding the Outcasts quest and entering the VS Simulation.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Gain Access to The Chinese Artillery Base

After you awaken inside the VS Simulation, you will find yourself looking over the Cliffs of Anchorage. You'll find yourself in the company of Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery, a U.S. Soldier who will tell you of your objective of infiltrating the Chinese Artillery Base and destroying the three Artillery guns. After telling you of your mission, he will scale the cliff to your right, forcing you to head on alone. You will find yourself equipped with nothing but a Silenced 10mm Pistol, a Trench Knife and Winterized Combat Armor.

Head around to the left and you will encounter various Chinese Soldier, all equipped with Chinese Assault Rifles. After dispatching them, you will need to walk across a small bridge leading towards a small building. To the right of this building, near the top, you will find a Health Dispenser, an Ammo Dispenser and a Sniper Rifle. Afterward, head through the building, keeping along the pathway. You will encounter some Chinese Soldiers which are easily dispatched with your new Sniper Rifle. Once you have dealt with them, head across the large steel pipe into the Cave Outpost.

[edit] Linking Up With Montgomery

When you enter the Cave Outpost, you will see a U.S. Paratrooper come crashing through the cavern ceiling. His parachute, unfortunately, gets tangled within the Stalactites and he is quickly killed by the Chinese Soldiers. After his murder, you can find a Gauss Rifle near where his corpse lay. It is effective at long ranges and has a "knock down" effect. However, the Gauss Rifle requires Microfusion Cells, which can't be replenished by the Ammo Dispensers. Instead, you will need to locate some Microfusion Cells scattered throughout Anchorage.

Afterward, head upstairs, dispatching Chinese Soldiers along the way. When you enter a small room, Sergeant Montgomery will drops down from the ceiling, stabbing a Chinese Soldier. He will now accompany you for the rest of the mission.

[edit] Destroying The Guns of Anchorage

The Guns of Anchorage

After you leave the Cave Outpost, head directly in front of you, going to the Chinese Artillery Outpost. You will need to cross a catwalk leading across the cliff side. The Chinese Artillery Outpost is easily identified by the large Chinese flag above it. The entrance is guarded by a few Chinese Soldiers and two Turrets. The Soldiers are inside bunkers, making them difficult to target until you reach the entrance. Inside the left bunker is a Chinese Soldier equipped with a Flamer.

When you enter the Outpost, head to the right and follow the walkway along the cliff side. You will have to dispatch a few Chinese Soldiers along the way. In the distance you will see some Chimera Tanks heading out to battle. Continue through the Outpost until you find yourself in a large room filled with a large number of Shells. The room appears to be empty, but within a few moments you will be attacked by a few Crimson Dragoons, the advanced stealth units of the Chinese army. They are equipped with Chinese Stealth Armor, making them appear almost completely invisible. The Dragoons are wielding Chinese Officer's Swords.

As you continue through the base, you will eventually find your way outside again, directly below the Artillery guns. This is the Artillery Outlook. You must advance towards each Artillery gun, defeating all resistance along the way. Each Artillery gun is protected by various Chinese Soldiers, some wielding Flamers. You will also encounter more Crimson Dragoons, equipped with Sniper Rifles. After you reach the base of an Artillery gun, you must plant an explosive charge. You will have 20 seconds to get to a safe distance before the fireworks start.

After all three guns have been taken out, you will receive The Guns of Anchorage Achievement. Sergeant Montgomery then tells you that you both need to return to the U.S. Field HQ and report to General Chase. You will automatically be transported to the U.S. Field HQ. This is the beginning of the Paving the Way Quest.

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